The best summer cycling clothes to keep you cool on the bike

by Anze Cerin on Jul 12, 2022

The best summer cycling clothes to keep you cool on the bike

During the summer, temperatures are usually stable - meaning they won't vary too much throughout the day. However, you can still build up a sweat during your ride. That's why it's important to consider the materials of your cycling clothing. Cycling clothing for hot weather is typically lightweight and breathable. "Technical fabrics" are made of wicking materials that cycle the sweat away from the body. Here's a brief list of what you might consider wearing:

It can be difficult to find the ideal cycling shorts, but spending money on a good pair can ensure a comfortable ride. APPROVED ASSets cycling shorts are among our favourites for both men and women. On a bike, a quality chamois truly makes a difference.

Perfect cycling shorts- a second skin feeling.

To get the most use out of your new cycling shorts, proper maintenance is necessary. We advise using ASSOS clothing cleanser because it not only cleans and deodorises the fabric but also maintains its colour and breathability. This premium choice is ideal for keeping top-tier athletic equipment.

The cyclist’s skin is often damaged by contact with the saddle. The ASSOS Skin repair gel is designed to help you withstand the tough season in style, with an anti-irritant formula for men and women that resides on your sensitive skin without compromising its health. It’s free from unnecessary perfumes or dyes, so it won't irritate those who are allergic.

Treat your cycling clothing with the best care.

Light base layer

When it's hot outside, some people may think that adding another layer will make them hotter and more sweaty. But bear with us as we show how wearing a summer base layer can reduce drying time so you stay comfortable during your ride!

The key thing about this type of garment is its ability to wick sweat away from our skin - which helps keep us drier (and cooler) in warm temperatures like those found on a bicycle handlebar or helmet liner; not only does less overheating happen but also friction caused by abrasion between fabric surfaces reduces cooling effect drastically if at all possible without having excessive amounts gathering under arm area where top skin quickly absorbs liquid hydration source.

She already knows this is the best base layer out there.

Cycling jersey with short sleeves are made of materials that cycle the sweat away from the body.

When it's hot outside, you want to make sure your cycling jersey offers the best ventilation and airflow. Look for lightweight short-sleeve jerseys with strategically placed panels that expose skin in order to achieve this goal - even on still days!

A standard summer kit will do well under most conditions but if comfort is key then consider investing in one of those super lightweight fabrics made just right so there are no pesky chafing or irritations while riding during these warmer months.

Choose your perfect jersey!

Light jacket or a vest: Lightweight gilets are an essential summer accessory for any cyclists. They can be stashed in your back pocket, giving you that extra bit of flexibility on the bike and making it easier to carry gear around with you when needed! Plus they don't weigh too much so even if there's no wind protection from rain or sun during those cool early morning starts under blue skies--you're still good to go because these jackets have vents that will help keep heat inside where it's needed most.

The addition of pockets to gilets is a great way for riders who wear them most days and need quick access without taking off their jersey. The reflective detailing also makes it easier at night or in low light conditions, so you can stay safer longer!

A light vest is always a must during a summer ride.

Breathable socks from "technical materials" are a must, you can also use compressing socks. Socks have also become a fashion statement in the past couple of years. When it comes to hot, sweaty feet there are no wins the same as an unpleasant side-effect of summer cycling. Synthetic socks are thinner than regular ones and made with mesh construction which encourages airflow while wicking away sweat.

Perfect summer socks do exist!

Cycling clothing for summer needs to be lightweight so the breeze can flow through it easily. Clothing that covers too much skin can make you overheat quickly - especially if it's dark, which makes your sweat more noticeable and may cause you to feel hotter than you are. Make sure there's airflow between your skin and your cycling clothing to prevent rapid sweat accumulation!

If you’re gearing up for a summer cycling season, it’s important to consider the weather conditions you’ll be riding in. Even though temperatures are usually stable during the summer months, you can still build up a sweat while on your bike. That’s why it’s key to choose clothing that is lightweight and breathable – like technical fabrics made of wicking materials. To get started, subscribe to our newsletter below for more detailed news about cycling gear and special trends. We hope this article helps you stay cool and comfortable while pedaling this summer!

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