It’s never too late to start cycling.

Matej Lovše will help you improve your cycling endurance, speed and power.

🥇UWCT ITT World Champion 2013 & 2017 & 2018🥈2nd UWCT Road Race 2013 & 2016 & 2017 Cycling coach and a Tourguide.

Choose the right plan for you!

My wish is to show you that everyone can enjoy riding a bike, no matter if you are an experienced bike rider or a Sunday stroller enjoying the sun and outdoors.

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For cyclists who just started cycling and would like to improve their fitness and overall health.


Cyclists aiming to take on long-distance sportives or simply to build their endurance capabilities.

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For racing cyclists who want to reach a peak fitness
for targeted events.

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Plan made 100% for you
with my full

Cycling training video presentation

More info about Matej Lovše

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Matej Lovše

A construction enginner by education who is in fact and endless dreamer on a bike.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a road bike or a mountainbike, I simply feel happy when I’m turning the whells…

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Matej Lovše

As a boy I started to train on a bike and competed in mountain bike races for 15 years and I had some good results.

As years past by i switched my mountain bike for a road bike, which was an interesting challenge. The transition was made and my results speak for themself:

world champion in road race in UCI amateur level in:

  • 2013 Trento
  • 2017 Albi
  • 2018 Varese

vice-champion in:

  • 2013 in Trento Italy
  • 2016 in Perth Australia
  • 2017 in Albi France
  • 2021 in Sarajevo Bosnia

My passion is coaching cyclists of all levels to achieve their goals. From competitive athletes, fun-killers or those looking for a new challenge I have the knowledge and experience that will help you succeed!
I run training camps by the seaside for all kinds of cyclists where we all get together and enjoy our bikes.

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