Cycling Coach - Endurance Plan

ENDURANCE cycling plan

A solid level of base fitness from at least one year of consistent training, riding several times per week
Confidence to ride fast in a bunch.
Hour on a bike per week: 12+



- personalized training plan
- training dedicated for longer ride efficiency
- weekly training plan analyse
- daily email, WhatsApp contact
- receive a plan through Training Peaks
- 2x monthly change of plans
- free access to Zwift training with Matej
- FTP test done at home with Matej's direction

The training is divided into two
five-week blocks with training targets within each block.

  • The initial phase is focused on building muscular strength and developing cadence, which in tandem boost fatigue resistance and reduce muscular fatigue.
  • In the next phase, volume is increased to enhance aerobic fitness by stimulating greater mitochondrial biogenesis (production of mitochondria — the powerhouse of the cell), enhanced capillarisation in the muscles (blood supply), and the development of slow-twitch muscles fibres. The low-intensity sessions help train the body to more efficiently use fat as a fuel source, while the higher aerobic efforts, in sweetspot and tempo ranges, improve economy.

Weekly cycling volume: 8-10 hours per week

  • Alternative training sessions off the bike help develop muscle groups that are not used in cycling, so as to continue building endurance while reducing the likelihood of injury as the training load increases.