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Assos Women's Summer Cycling Shorts UMA GTV C2

Assos Women's Summer Cycling Shorts UMA GTV C2

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They are designed for women cyclists who want to maintain their momentum without taking off their jerseys or vests.

This design features two magnetic closures that allow cyclists to change positions more easily and still be comfortable during the ride.

The textile was also improved, shedding grams and gaining permanent odor-control and active cooling properties.It’s also a deeper, richer black color that pops on the bike in full sunlight.



  • They are perfect for all-day cycling with a zero-pressure waistband to provide comfort.

  • The Tech Sheen Mesh insert stretches across the lower abdomen, accommodating aggressive bar drops and deep breathing during hard efforts.

  • These bib shorts are made from Ossidia fabric that sheds grams without sacrificing elasticity, compression, or UV protection (UPF 50+).

  • Odor control and active cooling are permanently integrated into the material itself, not applied as a topical treatment.

  • A regular fit in our standard leg length ensures optimal performance for cyclists at different levels of ability.


  • Shock-Absorb Damping Mono absorbs shock and features a unique compressive foam design that reduces irritation.

  • The thermoformed shaping keeps ridges down, while the 9mm platform provides superior comfort for long rides on your bike.

  • 3D Waffle is a patented, three-layer perforated foam that not only looks sleek and stylish but also increases breathability to eliminate any excess weight.

  • Goldengate; is a carefully designed stitching pattern that allows a free and careless movement of the insert that moves symbiotically with the body. 

  • ll fabrics and materials are improving riders’ position and are providing them the best support and comfort while riding the bike.


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