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About us

The more you approve of your own decisions in life, the less you feel the need to have them APPROVED by others.

Amazing scenery on Cres island; ascent from Beli.


In a world made of duality, division and contrasts APPROVED is a brand that brings us together and meets you in the middle. We believe that balance and harmony is where we feel complete.

APPROVED is also a beautiful paradox, because as noise of life races pass us, we find peace as we race through space and time. Where we are one with our surroundings, sharp focused and present. Our past and future are always just a second away.

APPROVED is all about the journey, enjoying the process and not just the end goal. We nurture the explorer within us and we stand for freedom, liberty, peacefulness, dedication and passion. 

We are connecting and merging the best of both worlds. Mindfulness and adventure. We walk hand in hand with simplicity and dream of limitless possibilites. 

We follow a unique path on which road’s dust blends with the essence of elegance.

KRK island in Croatia – Photoshoot for our first collection “Life is a journey”


APPROVED is a free spirit that can’t be put in a box. 

From clean and simple to work ethic, effort and spontaneity, each outcome comes as a result of modern and positive thought directed towards fresh ideas and quality of the final product. 

Think of APPROVED as your best supportive friend.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t look to suit everyone, put yourself first, if you are happy, the right people around you will be happy for you and will be energized from your positiveness. Don’t look for approvals from others, APPROVE yourself first.”

…. and that we APPROVE.

KRK island in Croatia – Photoshoot for our first collection “Life is a journey”