How to choose the right pair of cycling glasses

by Shopify API on Feb 24, 2022

How to choose the right pair of cycling glasses
  • Cycling discipline
  • Correct lens selection
  • Good fit with your helmet

Cycling is a popular sport that people of all ages enjoy a lot. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced cyclist or if you're just getting to know the sport, you need at least a decent pair of sunglasses. The number of options out there is infinite and it can be easy to get lost among them. But hey, don’t worry! Approved team will help you find the perfect pair!

Approved cycling gear; VISION sunglasses and airBENDER helmet

The importance of wearing cycling eyewear

It is vital to wear a specific set of eyewear when cycling. Wearing appropriate cycling glasses will protect your eyes from harsh UV rays and wind while allowing your eyes to remain focused on the road ahead without becoming dry or irritated. This specialized form of eyewear is designed specifically for bike riding and has additional features that make it comfortable and functional.

"cycling glasses will protect your eyes from harsh UV rays and wind"

Choosing an appropriate pair of cycling glasses can be a difficult task because there are so many brands and styles to choose from. There is no specific answer as to which pair of cycling glasses is the best; it depends on your personal preference and what you think looks best with your style. However, there are several things you can look for to ensure that your cycling glasses are the appropriate ones.

What to look for when choosing cycling glasses

First, match the type of cycling glasses to the type of cycling you're doing. You'll need different kinds of fins depending on whether you do mountain biking or road cycling.

Second, choose a pair cycling glasses that matches the environment you normally cycle in. For instance, if you live in a place that has varying seasons with lots of precipitation, it might be wise to find a pair that can be polarized or enables you to change lenses according to your needs.

Third, look at lens height and color variety when deciding about which frames works best for you. You'll want to make sure that the lenses are high enough to block sunlight from getting into your eyes- this will also help protect them from debris when you're riding outdoors.

make sure that the glasses you're buying will fit your face

Important: make sure that the glasses you're buying will fit your face. Be extremely picky with this: it is uncomfortable and even dangerous if the glasses fit your face too tightly. This can really impede your vision and therefore increase the risk of accidents.

Make sure to try the sunglasses with your helmet. Sometimes the retention system is in the way of sunglasses temple tips which is irritating and since we want as perfect fit as possible, try to avoid that.

The key factor in all types of cycling glasses is their ability to block out sunlight. This will help protect the rider's eyes from debris that can fly up into their line of sight or simply be irritating. For mountain biking and road cycling, you'll need different kinds of lenses depending on if it is bright out or cloudy/dark out, whether there are wet roads/debris in the air, etc...

women approved cycling sunglasses
Approved cycling glasses, complementary set of cycling gear.

Different types of lenses and which are good for cycling

Generally speaking, there are four different types of lenses

  1. Tinted
  2. Polarized
  3. Mirrored
  4. Photochromic

Tinted lenses provide a lot of UV protection and can be used during any type of cycling or outdoor activity. The tinting itself won't darken the lens as much as a polarizer will, so they're often used to enhance color definition and reduce glare. This is great as it enables you to se a crack in the tarmac or the slippery sand in the corners much easily.

Polarized lenses are sometimes considered the best option because they're oriented horizontally and remove light that comes at you from an angle. This can help with reducing glare and blocking out sunlight coming from behind. Polarized lenses increase contrast in an image, making it easier to see objects that are far away. They also reduce glare which makes them ideal for any activity that takes place outdoors.

great for road cycling because

Mirrored lenses offer the most protection against UV rays while they also make you more visible. When sunlight is mirrored from a big surface of a lens, it makes you easier to spot. More visibility - less danger!

The most sci-fi are the photocromic lenses which adapt according to the sunlight. The stronger the sunlight, the darker the lenses are and vice versa. The donwsides of the lenses are shorter lifespan and quite slow reaction time - for example when riding in our out of a tunnel.

approved cycling sunglasses
Approved cycling glasses, posing as a nice art piece.

How to clean your cycling glasses and how to store them

  1. Cleanser / water
  2. Microfiber cloth
  3. Microfiber pouch for glasses
  4. Cycling glasses case

You should clean your cycling glasses after every ride and make sure they`re stored safely. After all, you hopefully did not choose the cheapest pair available. The right way to do this will depend on what type of lenses you use and what material the frame is made out of. Generally, you should use a commercial cleaning solution and soft fabric like microfibre cloth to wipe the glasses. Avoid using paper towels, anything abrasive or soap-based if at all possible - this is the only way to keep the lenses scratch-free. After giving your glasses a proper cleaning, put them away in their case or bag - don't leave them exposed to dust as it can eventually scratch the surface and ruin the lens and frame.

Consider using an anti-fog cleaner if you see smudges on the lens. It will make it clearer.

Avoid using regular sunglasses cleaning solution if you use glasses with mirrored lenses: it won't work on a mirrored surface. Instead, use a commercial cleaner that is specifically designed for this type of lenses - you can buy it at more or less any store that sells glasses or sunglasses. If you see lots of smudges on the lens, consider using an anti-fog cleaner. It will help restoring their clarity.

Clean and take care of your cycling glasses right after they've been exposed to rain or other forms of water, as soon as you can. This will prevent the lens from fogging up when you're cycling inside with warm air.

Make sure that the glasses are completely dry before storing them. If there is any moisture left on the lenses, the glasses will fog up when you wear them. Use a cleaning cloth to wipe off the lenses and then keep them in a case or bag that the glasses were originally in.

Approved VISION: three points any good glasses should have

  1. Fit
  2. Design selection
  3. Quality lenses

Fit: The fit of VISION cycling glasses is designed to ensure that they stay snug and close all-around your head while you ride. The design of the lens, nose bridge, and ear stems prevent them from moving or slipping out of place. They will not get in your way when riding because they are designed for a comfortable, snug fit.

Approved VISION are designed for a comfortable, snug fit

Color Selection: VISION's selection features five different colors to match any preference or style. These five colors include the classic black and white, as well as shades of gold and light gray.

The patented lenses are designed to maintain optical clarity at all angles of view, even at the sides and top and bottom of the raked-back lens contours that maximize peripheral vision and protection. The lenses are polarized and coated with a hard scratch-resistant lens which also helps reduce glare from the sun. This product is perfect for cyclists who participate in racing or competitive cycling events.

approved cycling sunglasses
Approved cycling brand quote. "Be yourself, be unique, be APPROVED."

Cyclists need to protect their eyes because the roads can be dangerous and challenges such as bugs or rocks can obstruct one's vision. For this reason, cyclists need to consider getting a pair of cycling glasses that are best suited for them.

We hope that this blog will guide you in choosing the right pair of cycling glasses that will perfectly fit your face.

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