How WAHOO Became a Successful Cycling Company: Their Beginnings and what They Sell

by Shopify API on Feb 24, 2022

How WAHOO Became a Successful Cycling Company: Their Beginnings and what They Sell

WAHOO was founded in 2009 by Chip Hawkins. The company is based in Atlanta, GA, and initially started with products that ended up being created for passionate cyclists to use in their homes. WAHOO quickly began expanding its product lines as they were looking to become an all-inclusive cycling brand instead of having one specific focus like had been the case originally.

They continue to innovate new solutions for cyclists through their passion for biking as well as the benefits it can bring not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. WAHOO products are made with high-quality materials and innovative designs which makes them great for indoor activities such as cycling. Their products continue to evolve over time so they meet your specific needs.

approved cycling wahoo bike computer ELEMNT BOLT stealth
Wahoo is a cycling computer of choice for Approved cycling.

The brand had a lot of success at the beginning because it was experimenting with different products that no other company was focusing on or doing well in their markets. For example, WAHOO released its first WAHOO customized training plan which is now one of the premier products for those who were looking to go on a perfect bike ride from home without having trouble going out in bad weather. This can be seen as one way that WAHOO has been able to create a good foundation by knowing what consumers want and then creating the best solutions.

WAHOO customized training plan

WAHOO has been making cycling gear for over 10 years. They started in 2009 with the production of innovative, high-quality biking gear. Since then, they've introduced a lot of new gears that will make your bike riding experience more enjoyable and efficient. In this blog post, we'll talk about their beginnings and what they offer now!

The most innovative biking gear maker

WAHOO's first product was the Ant+ key, which they created in 2009. This is a small device you can attach to your bike and it enables you to share, measure, and track your training data from fitness sensors. In 2012 WAHOO introduced the Blue HR & SC sensors, which connected to the iPhone by Bluetooh.

2013 was a big year for WAHOO because they introduced another product that made the training even more efficient- the Wahoo kickr smart trainer! This is an indoor bike trainer that makes your riding experience more like outdoor biking because it simulates the terrain you would be going through outside.

products have been developed in partnership with Zwift Inc

In 2016 WAHOO launched a new product - Wahoo Elemnt GPS bike computer with smartphone integration. This gadget was compatible with smartphones so you could use different apps to set goals, track your progress, and share it with others.

In 2018 the Kickr Climb & Kickr Headwind was launched- two new innovative bike trainer accessories that mimic outdoor riding by bringing the elements and movement of riding outdoors inside! The best part? These products have been developed in partnership with Zwift Inc., a social platform for smart trainers that enables you to ride with other people in real-time. You can track your performance, share it on social media and make new friends!

wahoo speedplay pedals nano
Wahoo Speedplay pedals are chosen by Approved cycling.

Their revolutionary design is a game-changer for cyclists. Try it yourself!

WAHOO has been making cycling gear for over a decade now, but they are far from done- one of their newest products is the Wahoo kickr climb- which simulates outdoor climbing. This product will give you the opportunity to experience your favorite routes in a new, exciting way.

So whether it's regular biking or training for an upcoming race that gets you going - WAHOO has something for everyone! Their products are high quality and innovative so they'll help make riding more fun and efficient. They have been making cycling gear since 2009, but don't worry if this is your first time hearing about them because they are just getting started!

products are high quality and innovative

WAHOO has created a lot of different products since they started, but their best sellers are Elemnt rival sports watches, Wahoo Elemnt BOLT and Elemnt ROAM bike computers, Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitors, speedplay pedals, and RPM cycling sensors. They also sell indoor smart trainers which will keep you riding even when the weather is bad outside.

wahoo ELEMNT BOLT cycling computer
Wahoo cycling computer

Their most popular product by far? The Kickr! This high-quality bike trainer was released in 2013 and it's designed to mimic outdoor biking so your experience feels more authentic than ever before. Use apps like Zwift with this training accessory to see real-time results as you ride! It keeps track of all kinds of performance data such as speed & power output for workout analysis. Whether you're looking for new gear to improve your performance or a fun new way to explore the world- WAHOO has it all!

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