Princeton CarbonWorks Wheel Comparison: The Ultimate Guide for Discerning Cyclists

by Approved SLO on Nov 12, 2023

Princeton CarbonWorks Wheel Comparison: The Ultimate Guide for Discerning Cyclists

Welcome to the ultimate guide where we dive into the world of Princeton CarbonWorks wheels. Today, we're focusing on four exceptional models: the Wake 6560 Strada, Peak 4550, Alta 3532, and Grit 4540. Each of these wheels offers unique features tailored for specific terrains and cycling experiences. Let's break down their specifications and suitability for various riding conditions.


Wake 6560 Strada

  • Rim Depth: 60mm to 65mm variable depth
  • Rim Width: 28mm (external), 20.5mm (internal)
  • Weight: From 1388g (set)
  • Material: Carbon fiber with a unique sinusoidal waveform design
  • Brake Type: Disc brake
PCW Wake 6560 Strada wheels

Peak 4550

  • Rim Depth: 45mm to 50mm variable depth
  • Rim Width: 26mm (external), 18.5mm (internal)
  • Weight: from 1113g (set)
  • Material: Carbon fiber with optimized aerodynamics
  • Brake Type: Disc brake
PCW Peak 4550 wheels

Alta 3532

  • Rim Depth: 32mm to 35mm variable depth
  • Rim Width: 28.6mm (external), 21mm (internal)
  • Weight: from 950g (set)
  • Material: Ultralight carbon fiber
  • Brake Type: Disc brake
PCW Alta 3532 low profile wheels

Grit 4540

  • Rim Depth: 40mm to 45mm variable depth
  • Rim Width: 29.9mm (external), 21mm (internal)
  • Weight: 1306g (set)
  • Material: Reinforced carbon fiber for durability
  • Brake Type: Disc brake

Terrain Suitability

Wake 6560 Strada: The Speed Demon

Good For:

  • Long, flat rides where aerodynamics play a crucial role
  • High-speed racing on smooth tarmac

Bad For:

  • Steep climbs due to its heavier weight
  • Rough terrain where comfort is a priority

Peak 4550: The All-Rounder

Good For:

  • Varied terrains, offering a balance of aerodynamics and weight
  • Competitive road racing

Bad For:

  • Extremely rough or mountainous terrain
  • Cyclists prioritizing lightweight and aerodynamics

Alta 3532: The Climber's Choice

Good For:

  • Steep, challenging climbs thanks to its lightweight design
  • Quick accelerations and responsive handling, hilly terrains and Windy conditions

Bad For:

  • Riders who prioritize aerodynamic efficiency over climbing ease
  • High-speed flat races where weight is less of a factor

Grit 4540: The Off-Road Warrior

Good For:

  • Gravel and mixed terrain, offering durability and stability
  • Adventurous rides where toughness is key

Bad For:

  • Pure road racing where aerodynamic efficiency is paramount
  • Ultra-lightweight setups for climbing


Princeton CarbonWorks has crafted a lineup of wheels that cater to various cycling demands. Whether it's the aerodynamic prowess of the Wake 6560 Strada, the versatile performance of the Peak 4550, the climbing efficiency of the Alta 3532, or the rugged durability of the Grit 4540, there's a wheelset for every type of cyclist. Your choice should align with your primary cycling terrain and performance goals. Remember, the right wheels can transform your ride!


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