Road Bike Pinarello F5 Review

by Approved SLO on Sep 15, 2023

Road Bike Pinarello F5 Review
Approved Cycling Pinarello F5 Road Bike


The bike you choose can make or break your ride. There are many options available but the Pinarello F Series stands out as a masterpiece in design. But how does it ride? In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the features that will help you make a decision if this bike is the perfect road bike for you.


Reviewed Pinarello F5 Specifications:

Frame: Pinarello F5 Impulsive Grey 54,5cm
Groupset : Ultegra di2 12s DB
Gears: 172,5 | 50-34 | 11-34
Wheelset: PCW Wake 6560 Strada Tactic hubs
Handlebar: 40cm Center - Center
Stem: 12cm Center - Center
Tires: Vittoria N.EXT 700x28 TLR 
OSPW: CeramicSpeed 3D Titan Printed
Pedals: Wahoo Speedplay Nano
Seat: Berk Composites Lupina Short 150mm 3k gloss finish

➕ Why we like it
It looks amazing
Rail road like descending

➖ Why we don't like it
Price (14,000.00€+)
Weight (8,150kg)

The First Ride Feelings:

We came to this bike from riding the BMC Timemachine Road ONE for more than one year. That bike was around 800g lighter and stiffer compared to the Pinarello F5. We used the same wheels and tires.
Looks wise we love the way F5 looks and welcome the design changes Pinarello made compared to the Prince and Prince FX.
On the first ride the bike felt super fast but still comfortable and it didn't felt slow on the short climbs which we didn't expect. We feel most of this positive points are also because of the Princeton CarbonWorks wheels since this are a high end wheel and when you you have a setup like that on a bike it rarely rides bad.

Descending and Straights 40 km/h+

This is where the bike feels like at home...when you start to push on the straights and get that 40+ km/h per hour under your wheels you feel the bike wants it more and more. I had a Joker grin on my face and just pushed for as long as I could on some rides I was passing cars that were driving 40-45 km/h on a 50 km/h limit zone. The Wakes 6560 Stradas + Pinarello F5 is just a dream combination! Fast, comfortable and it wants you to push even more.

Ascents and Slower rides
Not sure if this one will make all that sense but here we go. When you start riding a climb and you don't push 100% the bike feels good, everything seem to be working as it should. Even when you push your 130% and you feel your legs are strong the bike is still exceptional...then those days come when you feel tired or on the top of the climb when your legs feel heavy then you start to feel that there are some watts that don't go to the road and they loose themselves on the frame before they transition into speed on the road. 
Keep in mind: we tested the bike on the shorter climbs from 1 to 6km and the avg. gradient was 5% and the max was around 20%.

Shimano Ultegra Di2 12 DB groupset
I will start by saying I was never a fan of Shimano. The shifting is good like with all the new electronical groupset. I never rode on one that was not perfoming good. But the brakes especially on a big three Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo are a big factor. Although I feel the Ultegra is better than the Dura-Ace it is still not on the level of Sram on Campagnolo which in my opinion are the best out of the three. The adjustments of the gears are simple and straight forward. We needed to adjust them once on the rode and the proceedure is quick and simple.

Pinarello F5 Frameset
The ride for a "normal" rider that is not a racer will be amazing. Responsive yet still comfortable on the road. For a racer on the other hand on the accelerations out of the corner feels a bit wobbly when you are pushing over 800 watts you feel the bike gives under the power. So we would recommend this bike for an under 15 year old man racer or a lighter man or women. You will not feel this most of the time and for the money savings you get not buying the Dogma F we feel the compromise is justified. 

The Conclusion
So who is this bike for?! We all buy with our eyes and then common sense. So if you liek the bike you cannot go wrong with it. Keep in mind. To have the best performance change wheels from the OEM asap. If you want that extra comfortable bike also look elsewhere. But if you want a great looking bike and that is fast and handles good on descents this is a biek for you. Oh the extra price tag should not scare you at this point since the smile when you clean the bike makes it all go away...


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