Why We buy a custom build road bike

by Approved SLO on Oct 10, 2023

Why We buy a custom build road bike

This quote was taken from a Facebook Page called Pinarello Bicycles:

"You’re going about Pinarello ownership all wrong.

Colnago for example, would be a similar instance where you buy the bike you love...Inexplainable lust, rather than bang for buck value.
I have several Pinarello‘s and each one of them means something different to me none of which had anything to do with how much they cost.
Pinarello are the Ferrari of bicycles. If you are looking for value, then I would suggest other brands.
If you are a Pinarello guy and you know exactly what I’m talking about.Buy the one you love and feel no guilt as a result.
Then again, this is only my opinion lol so take it as you will, as I know not everybody’s finances are the same 🍻🙂"

Just to add one more brand to this two, which is BMC. We tested all three of their machines and they are all superb! 


Why Do Custom-Built Bikes Make You Ride Better?

Imagine having a bike that's like your best friend on the road. It fits you just right and helps you ride super fast and super smooth. It's like someone made this bike only for you! You feel special, and when you're riding, it's like flying on a magic carpet. Everything is easier, faster, and way more fun!


Custom Build Road Bike Pinarello F5

Why Are Custom-Built Bikes Expensive?

Think about a pizza. If you get a plain one, it's okay. But what if you could choose all your favorite toppings? That's what custom bikes are like. They have all the special parts you like, chosen just for you. It might cost more money, but it feels like you're the king or queen of the road when you're riding it.


Custom Build Road Bike Pinarello F5

Can You Buy These Special Bikes Online?

You sure can! Our website is like a treasure chest full of cool stuff. And even if you live super far away, don't worry! We can chat on a video call. We'll listen to what you want and help you get the bike that you've been dreaming about.


Custom Build Road Bike Pinarello F5

Why Should I Get My Bike from Approved Cycling?

Well, when you get a bike from us, you're not just buying a bike; you're joining a cycling community. It's like being picked first in gym class, every single time. You get the very best, and you'll feel like a superstar!


Custom Build Road Bike Pinarello F5

How Do I Start Buying a Custom Bike from Approved Cycling?

First, you talk to us! We can do this on a video call, like a FaceTime, WhatsApp, Viber... We ask you questions, and you tell us what you like and what you don't like. Then, we help you pick a bike that's made for you, and only you. Imagine the feeling when everything is just perfect; it's like finding the missing puzzle piece you've been looking for!

Get your dream bike now:


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