The ultimate guide for picking road cycling shorts

by Anze Cerin on Dec 19, 2022

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Maximize comfort and performance on the road with the ultimate guide to choosing the right road cycling shorts

  • Road cycling shorts are an important piece of cycling attire that can impact both comfort and performance
  • Choosing the right road cycling shorts requires considering factors such as fit, material, and padding
  • The fit of road cycling shorts should be snug but not too tight, with a chamois that fits well and provides proper support
  • Materials used in road cycling shorts include Lycra, polyester, and nylon, each with their own characteristics and benefits
  • Padding, or chamois, in road cycling shorts is designed to provide cushioning and support, and can be made of foam or gel
  • Other features to consider in road cycling shorts include leg grippers, ventilation, and water resistance
  • Road cycling shorts are available in various lengths, including bib shorts with built-in suspenders, and the best choice may depend on personal preference and the weather
  • To care for road cycling shorts, follow the manufacturer's instructions and avoid using fabric softeners or bleach
  • Proper fit and support can help prevent chafing and discomfort while cycling, allowing for longer rides and improved performance.

Road cycling shorts are a crucial item of cycling clothing that can improve the comfort and enjoyment of your rides. But how can you decide which possibilities to pick when there are so many?

Prior to anything else, it's critical to comprehend why cycling shorts are even necessary. These cycling-specific shorts have a padded liner, called a chamois, that lessens saddle soreness and discomfort during lengthy rides. The cushioning, which is typically comprised of memory foam, is intended to support and cushion your sit bones, which carry the bulk of your weight while cycling.

cycling shorts Approved ASSet
All smiles when we are on a bike.

There are a few important things to think about when selecting cycling shorts:

  1. Fit: It's crucial to select shorts that are both comfy and well-fitting. Choose shorts that fit snugly without being too tight so they won't bunch up or ride up when you're cycling. The leg holes must be large enough to accommodate a full range of motion without being too large to cause them to flap in the wind.
  2. Padding: Cycling shorts' cushioning is a crucial aspect to take into account. In order to give cushioning, a chamois should be thick enough, but not too thick that it feels heavy or unwieldy. You can select the cushioning level that is most comfortable for you by looking at the variety of cycling shorts that are available.
  3. Fabric: Choose cycling shorts with moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool and comfortable during heated rides. Fabrics that are breathable are also a fantastic option because they can increase ventilation and lessen perspiration.
  4. Price: The cost of a pair of road cycling shorts can range from a few $/€ to several hundred. When settling on a price point, take into account your spending limit and the frequency of use of the shorts.
  5. Ordinary shorts vs. bib shorts: Choosing between bib shorts and regular shorts is an additional decision to make. While conventional shorts have an elastic waistband, bib shorts contain suspenders that cross over your shoulders to help keep the shorts in place. While ordinary shorts are simpler to put on and take off, most riders prefer bib shorts because they feel more secure and comfortable in them.

cycling shorts Approved ASSet
A short rest on a long bike ride...

Let's speak about how to wear cycling shorts now that you know how to choose them. Simply put on your bib shorts over your legs and fasten the suspenders over your shoulders if you're wearing them. Simply pull your regular shorts up over your hips and alter the waistband to fit how you like.

It's preferable to go commando when it comes to what to wear underneath cycling shorts. As a result, there is less friction and rubbing, which improves the effectiveness of the padding in the shorts.

cycling shorts Approved ASSet
Bike rides are better in a company.

Let's speak about how to wash cycling shorts now that you know how to wear them. Washing your bike shorts after each ride is essential for maintaining their quality. This aids in removing sweat and bacteria, which can degrade the life of the shorts and generate odours. Comply with these instructions to wash padded bicycle shorts:

  1. To get rid of any dirt or debris, rinse the shorts in cold water.
  2. Flip the shorts inside out and use a moderate detergent to gently wash the chamois.
  3. Refrain from using aggressive cleaners or fabric softeners because they can cause the padding to degrade.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the shorts in cold water to get rid of all detergent residue.
  5. Dry the shorts on a hanger, ideally in a space with good ventilation. Avoid using a dryer to dry the shorts since the heat will deteriorate the fabric and padding.

cycling shorts Approved ASSet
Approved ASSet cycling shorts are good for MTB as for road cycling.

It's crucial to wash the chamois gently if you're washing bike shorts made of the material. Refrain from twisting or wringing the shorts because doing so could harm the cushioning. Instead, hang the shorts to dry after gently pressing the water out of them.

Cycling shorts should be folded at the seams in order to avoid creases. Fold the shorts' legs toward the centre and lay them flat. Next, tuck the waistband in so it faces the legs. This will result in a small, convenient package that takes up little room in your drawers or closet.

cycling shorts Approved ASSet
Tight fit is really important.

Finally, it's critical to pick the appropriate cycling shorts for your rides. Look for shorts that are well-fitting, feature soft cushioning, are constructed of moisture-wicking material, and are affordable. To keep them in good condition, be sure to wear them properly and wash them after each ride. Remember to take into account whether you prefer bib shorts or regular shorts since this can significantly impact comfort and convenience. These recommendations will help you make sure that your cycling shorts will give you the support and comfort you require when riding.

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