Which Road Bike To Buy

by Approved SLO on Jun 27, 2024

Which Road Bike To Buy

Some question we had to ask before our next step...


...and this are also questions you need to ask yourself.


Starting point of buying a new road bike

Lets start with what we already knew. We knew we wanted a bike that rides well, isn't to stiff, absorbs bumps well and climbs and descents decent. We wanted an unknown brand that we could grow with and that the price isn't to high.

Who are we buying a road bike from

When we start a new distribution a good communications is very important. The price comes after. What we mean by that is, is the team on the other side responsive, what kind of answers do they give you and also they must stand firm on some points. This is important especially when something goes wrong with the frame or other parts. When our customer gets back to us with something not working we can give them a fast respond.


What kind of road bike to buy 

Lets dissect this into three parts:

Race road bike: it needs to be light, have a racing position and semi comfortable for longer rides. All aero benefits they have are a bonus.

Aero road bike: this kind of cyclists prioritise high speeds over getting over a climb as fast as possible. The bikes need to be comfortable and how light they are isn't the main objective although it is becoming more relevant each year.

Endurance road bike: the main priority for this cyclists is comfort and fitting at least a 700x30c tire in the frame. Aero benefits are the least of their concerns but the weight of a complete bike is also important.


If you are following along up to this point you get a general idea how to find the perfect bike and shop for you. Some first time buyers may be wondering...


How do I know which bike is the best to start with

Well this one is hard to answer. But it may depend on your budget. Here is how we would go about:

  • up to 1500,00€ we would recommend a used bike or visiting one of the bigger sports shops. We would not recommend buying form a cycling shop. Simply just because you get more for the money in those bigger sport shops.
  • from 1500,00€ to 3000,00€ we would recommend buying from a cycling shop that can also do a bike fitting or knows an expert in that field. 
  • 3000,00€ cycling shop 

The most essential part of buying the right bike for you is the size of the frame for your height. Try to ask around what the right size would be if you are in between sizes and a beginner a general idea is to go with bigger because it should be more comfortable for you to start. A size smaller will give you a racing position which isn't the best when you are starting out.

Now we already know where we are buying the bike from, what kind of bike do we want and what is our budget...

How much should I spend for bike gear and accessories

More important than the bike itself is are the cycling shorts, cycling helmet and cycling shoes that you were going to use. Why?! Because this are your points of contact with the bike - well not the helmet but the helmet may also give you problems if it doesn't feel comfortable when you put it on. 

The budget for accessories: North of 500,00€ for a starting pack is almost a must. That may sound a lot to some but that would be our starting point to include into your budget. You can have the best bike but if some of your bike gear is not perfect for you, you will not be comfortable on the bike.


This is how we came across Nich bikes

They ticked all the boxes and one that is important to us is the bike looks amazing and for majority of road cyclists this is the perfect bike to get. Price/performance matches our criteria and they are fast and responsive. 

This is the bike we are talking about Nich Legends 4 it comes in 6 sizes and almost unlimited color options. Get in contact with us for those. 

We also made a couple of videos of Nich Legends 4 bike which you can watch here:

If you have any more questions don't be affraid to contact us we are here for you. 


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