What are the Different Types of Cycling Shorts

by DigiRocket Technologies on Jan 24, 2024

What are the Different Types of Cycling Shorts

For many Americans, cycling is more than just a sport; it's a way of life that offers a perfect blend of fitness, adventure, and the joy of exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, the importance and necessity of comfort cannot be overstated. 

The first and crucial piece of cycling apparel in terms of comfort is bicycling shorts. Additionally, the right pair of cycling shorts will contribute not only to your comfort but also to your performance on the road or trail. Considering that 60% of Americans use bicycles for their daily commute through busy city streets, comfort is the least you deserve.

This guide will be your ultimate resource, helping you explore the different types of bicycling shorts available in the market. Read along to find out which one will suit you the best!

Different Types of Cycling Shorts

It is essential to understand that the various types of cycling shorts cater to different preferences and needs. Listed below are the different types of cycling shorts available in the market that will help you make an informed choice for a more comfortable and fun cycling experience. 

1. Traditional Close Fitting Lycra Road Shorts


The traditional close-fitted Lycra shorts primarily come in two types – shorts and bib shorts. Shorts feature a more classic waistline, while bib shorts come equipped with shoulder straps that snugly fit against your skin. Both types are constructed from a Lycra/nylon blend, providing stretchability and breathability. Ideal for road cycling enthusiasts, these form-fitting Lycra shorts are designed to minimize air resistance, allowing you to glide through the miles effortlessly. 

Additionally, bib shorts are the go-to choice for professional riders due to the comfort and aero performance it offers. Bib shorts have become common now to recreational cyclists as well. The bibs on the shorts offer better fit and the bibs to stay in place through the whole ride. Better shorts have the bibs seewed in to the chamois insert which helps the chamois to stay in place even when we are off the saddle

2. Baggy Mountain Biking Shorts

Baggy Mountain Biking Shorts

Baggy mountain biking shorts are an excellent choice if you’re going for leisure riding and mountain biking. Their casual cut offers comfort/ durability along with prioritizing off the bike style and modesty.  Engineered with fabrics that resists rips from bushes these are equipped to withstand the challenges of rugged trail riding. Mountain biking shorts usually have the chamois attached to the shorts, the chamois is the same as on the “bib shorts” only the material around it is lighter because of the shorts on the outside. 

3. Commuter Shorts

Commuter Shorts

Commuter shorts emerge as the top choice for urban cyclists, offering unparalleled convenience during your daily activities. Tailored to prioritize both style and functionality, they seamlessly blend into everyday wear. With features such as reflective elements and comfortable padding, these shorts not only enhance safety during your commute but also make the transition from the bike to the office or daily errands a breeze.

In conclusion, choosing the right type of cycling shorts surely depends on your preference and needs. But yes, remember whether you’re chasing speed on roads, going on mountain trails, commuting through the city or aiming for top performance, the right cycling shorts is a necessity as it will not only provide you comfort, but will also enhance your overall performance. 

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What is the difference between cycling shorts and bib shorts?

Cycling shorts are traditional with an elastic waistband, while bib shorts have built-in suspenders for added comfort and support.How do I choose the right size of cycling shorts?

How do I choose the right size of cycling shorts?

Refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer, considering your hip and waist measurements for an accurate fit.

How do I care for my cycling shorts?

Machine wash it in cold water and avoids fabric softeners. Air-dry to maintain the integrity of the materials.

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