Custom Cycling Jersey Approved

How to choose the perfect custom cycling jersey?
What are some of the benefits of a quality custom cycling jersey?

"it feels like a 2nd skin"

in this sweater you feel like a real pro. it feels like a 2nd skin

"the best jersey I’ve ever worn."

I can’t describe it any other way than the best jersey I’ve ever worn.

"Jersey fits perfectly and stays in place."

Jersey fits perfectly and stays in place. Its very airy. Design is beautiful.

  • Back pockets don't sag
  • Jersey has as little stitches as possible
  • Two and four way stretch material
  • Lock zipper

Only 100 pieces were made as men's design and only 32 in women's design.
Our custom cycling jersey is unisex so women should order one size smaller.
Women's cycling jersey | Custom cycling jersey
Men's cycling jersey | Custom cycling jersey

How would you like to have these features and some more in your next custom cycling jersey?
The best jerseys for any type of cyclist can be difficult to find,
but luckily we found the perfect ones for our you!
If you are serious about cycling you need this jersey!
More in the video bellow.
Custom cycling jersey for women and men differences

Custom cycling jersey Approved - Two and four way stretch material

approved mindset cycling jersey ltd

The best cycling jerseys are made of an material that will hug your body in all the right places and allow for complete breathability.
The two-way and four-way stretch material helps keep things tight where they need to be, while also giving you total flexibility when moving around on bike; this means no more chafing or embarrassing moments!

Custom cycling jersey Approved - Lock zipper

approved cycling mindset ltd jersey women

The lock zipper in a cycling jersey is incredibly important for two reasons.
First, it helps you zip and unzip easily when wearing the garment; especially on those hot sunny inclines when you need to zip up fast for the descent.
Secondly, your cycling jersey needs to feel light like a second skin. If your cycling jersey has a lock zipper then it will not start to unzip by themselves!

Custom cycling jersey Approved - Specifications

approved mindset cycling jersey ltd

Our custom cycling jerseys combine miniCheck Tex with a Stabilizer insert to anchor the pockets. The blend of our advanced materials resists odor while promoting breathability and cooling airflow. It offers UPF 25, 30, and 50+ for the front, back, and sleeves respectively. This makes our custom cycling jersey perfect for training or racing in hot weather conditions without sacrificing any of your performance benefits.

Custom cycling jersey Approved - Features

approved cycling mindset ltd jersey women

The features that seem simple are actually some of the most difficult and time-consuming parts about designing the best cycling jersey! Some of these include back pockets which stay in place, laser cut sleeves to keep things slim and reduce chafing when you're riding all day long or even just for an hour at a time. Cycling jersey should be tight and comfortable with as little stitches possible so there is as little friction as possible and the jersey can offer you maximum comfort while completely tight next to your body. The two and four way stretch materials we mentioned above also play a big role in designing the best cycling jersey.

Custom cycling jersey Approved - Unboxing

All packed in a nice box. We have three boxes depends on what limited edition summer custom cycling jersey you buy. White is for womens cycling jersey designs. Black with white writing is for mens cycling jersey design. And the last one is black box with gold writting for special edition custom cycling jersey design.

Custom cycling jersey Approved - For your business or local cycling club

Get the perfect fit for your business with our custom cycling shirt service. We will make everything for you.
We will discuss your ideas and design you a custom cycling jersey to your cycling club or business cgp.
At the end you won't have any excuses for why your workout has been stagnant lately!

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