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by Shopify API on Mar 03, 2022

approved cycling gear

Cycling as a lifestyle means different things to different people. Some see it as a way to get around, others as a way to stay fit, and still, others see it as a hobby or passion. However, despite the different reasons that motivate people to ride, they all have one thing in common: they typically want the best of the best.

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Road bike ride by the sea...

Who is Approved and what does it stand for?

Approved's goal is to be an innovative player in the global cycling world by setting trends and being accessible for those who want to try something different from their usual products. Approved cycling company sells limited high-quality clothing for cyclists. The company's goal is to provide stylish, limited, and unique cycling gear for people who love to ride their bikes. We want our cyclists to be able to wear an Approved unique, limited line of cycling products made by one of the best cycling brands in the world, Assos of Switzerland. All of our cycling gear is made by them which guarantees only the best materials and the best fit for an uncompromisable cycling experience. In addition, we offer different styles where everyone can find themselves.

The first Approved cycling jerseys was released in Spring 2022. Customers can sign up for an Approved account today at and receive an exclusive gift with their first purchase!

The Approved loyalty program is designed to reward our customers for their loyalty. Our customers can earn points by making:

  • purchases, referring friends, and writing product reviews. These points can then be redeemed for different gifts, such as special edition clothing items or gift certificates. In addition, we will also send our customers special notices about pre-orders of our upcoming collections.
  • Our loyalty program will also be connected to STRAVA, which is a social media platform for cyclists. This allows our riders to compete with each other and see how they rank among other cyclists. We believe that this will add an extra layer of excitement and motivation to our customers' cycling experience. These features will be rolled out step-by-step or pedal stroke by pedal stroke...
  • Currently, we are working on bringing Approved to the cycling world and building our own APPROVED community of cycling enthusiasts. Customers are encouraged to check back frequently on the Approved cycling website because newly approved products are coming soon! Keep up with us on social media platforms using @approvedcycling for updates and free know-how videos connected to the cycling world.
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No road is to steep.

What brands does the company work with?

We will have only the best brands in the cycling industry available for our customers. The company offers its customers a wide variety of cycling equipment, approved by the best brands in the industry. Every Approved jersey is a limited edition and approved for quality.
ASSOS company is a Swiss textile manufacturer that specializes in high-end cycling clothing. The company has over 25 patents and 400 Olympic and world championship medals. The company aims to provide the best quality clothing for cyclists, focusing on comfort and technical performance. In addition to clothing, the company also sells cycling equipment from some of the best brands in the industry. Our pick of choice is Assos Equipe RS jersey, Equipe RS Bibs for men, and Dyora RS Bibs for women. The Equipe and Dyora lines are engineered for racing and high-output riding, featuring our fastest fits with the lightest fabrics. The WorldTour proven designs will help you achieve all your goals!

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Assos cycling gear for Spring/Fall weather

"We understand what makes a high quality Approved cycling jersey, and we want to offer customers Approved jerseys of the highest possible quality that is why we partnered with one of the best cycling apparel companies in the world ASSOS of Switzerland" - Approved Cycling Company representative.

Personalize every detail of your dream bike!

They say you can't go half an inch without a bike. Let Approved Cycling make your dream come true with expert advice and the perfect set of wheels. Our bike survey helps you take into account all your needs to design the perfect ride for your style and fulfill your bike dreams! We don't just sell bikes. We offer guidance every step of the way as we help you assemble that sweet ride from scratch or choose pre-built models too!
We are proud to be one of the sellers of BMC BIKES, one of Europe's best bicycle brands. Founded by Swiss cycling enthusiasts, this brand has been passionately engaged in R&D since 1989. All bikes are manufactured at their factory in Taiwan exclusively for the European market.

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BMC TEAMMACHINE SLR01 THREE 2022 - Custom build

In the survey, we will have a variety of bikes from different brands. However, we guarantee that every bike will be of the highest quality. Customers can rest assured that we only offer approved bikes and equipment!
To have a complete line of bike accessories we cannot move past a fairly new brand Princeton CarbonWorks. They make one of the best wheel builds cycling has to offer. The PEAK 4550 and WAKE 6560 are both clincher tubeless-ready wheels, the brake type is a disc. The wheels are made with dependable Tune hubs internals lifetime warranty carbon rims, which makes them very light while still being strong and reliable for LIFE! This is the perfect setting for your "DREAM BIKE BUILD".

bmc, bmc teamamchine, bmc teammachine slr01, road bike, approved cycling
A close up of the BMCs TEAMMACHINE super slick rear triangle.

CeramicSpeed bearings are some of the best and most reliable bearings on the market. They are used in some of the top-end bikes because of their durability and performance. The first Ceramicspeed product, which was a ceramic bearing available as an upgrade for bicycle hubs, proved to be extremely popular with both professional and amateur riders around the world. Currently, there are over 1 million Ceramicspeed bearings in use on bicycles all over the world Ceramicspeed is one of the few companies involved in this industry that designs, manufactures, and tests its products. OSPW for SHIMANO 9200 SERIES - coated, is proven to be the fastest pulley system out there. Designed to provide absolute optimization of the rear derailleur, this oversized aluminum 13-tooth upper pulley wheel and 19 teeth lower one will make sure that you're getting everything you wished for!

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CeramicSpeed OSPW - sexiness

Pirelli is an Italian tire company that manufactures tires for motorcycles, bicycles, and cars. It needs to be said that we will only be selling the tires we tested and we feel comfortable advising any rider. PIRELLI P ZERO RACE TLR SL is a durable tire that can be used for road cycling and is our tire of choice. It is worth noting that this tire has lower rolling resistance and less energy consumption in comparison to other products on the market. This in turn means there is less wear and tear and better performance in wet conditions.

approved cycling, pcw wake 6560, pirelli, pirelli p-zero
Princeton CarbonWorks Wake 6560 wheels with Pirelli P-Zero SL TLR

Berk Composites company offers a variety of bike saddles to suit the needs of users. The Berk Composites company produces bike saddles made of carbon fiber. They are suitable for racing bikes or your casual Sunday ride. Lightweight bike saddles also look luxurious and will not compromise performance or safety. Our saddle of choice is Berk Lupina Saddle- 132mm/150mm is a bike saddle that is made entirely from carbon fiber. The Lupina saddle is made in Slovenia and ensures the highest EU and thus the world standards. Try them and you will not be disappointed!

Incredibly slick bike saddle Berk Lupina

Wahoo company is a cycling company that produces some of the best cycling gear on the market. They sell bike trainers, sport watches, bike computers, heart rate monitors, pedals and more. Their products are designed to help cyclists train better, monitor their performance and keep track of their progress. One of Wahoo's most popular products is the Kickr trainer. The Kickr is a smart trainer that can connect to your cycling computer or phone and provide you with accurate data on your performance. It can also be used to control the resistance on your bike, making it an ideal tool for training. Our pick of choice are Speedplay pedals, ELEMNT Bolt bike computer, and their KICKR smart trainer.

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Older generation Wahoo Bolt Stealth edition

The bike industry is thriving, and the recent surge in interest in cycling means that there are more people than ever looking to buy the perfect cycling gear that will match their dream bike. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for.

We're proud to offer these great products at Approved.

If all this sounds intimidating let us know and we ought to help you choose what suits your needs.

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