Princeton CarbonWorks Peak 4550 Evolution Wheels Out Now

by Approved SLO on Feb 08, 2024

Princeton CarbonWorks Peak 4550 Evolution Wheels Out Now

The world of road cycling is one where every gram counts and the quest for the perfect ride never ends. In this relentless pursuit, the PEAK 4550 EVO Carbon Wheelset from Princeton CarbonWorks stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Engineered to push the boundaries of what's possible, this wheelset is more than just an upgrade; it's a transformation of your riding experience.

The Evolution of High-Performance Wheelsets

After Alta 3235 and Wake 6560 wheels the Peaks got an upgrade to the same technology and standards that the competitors were waitting for. 21 mm internal hook to hook rim width and 28.2 mm external hook to hook width with even lighter wheel. Peak 4550 EVO wheels will help you conquer every mountain pass! 

Unveiling the PEAK 4550 Carbon Wheelset

At the heart of the PEAK 4550's design philosophy lies a commitment to performance without compromise. Its technical specifications—1275g weight, Tactic01 hubs, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, and a tubeless-ready clincher design—are a testament to Princeton CarbonWorks' dedication to excellence.

Featherlight Yet Formidable: The Weight Advantage

The significance of a lightweight wheelset cannot be overstated in the realm of road cycling. The PEAK 4550, weighing in at a mere 1275g, sets a new standard, offering a weight advantage that enhances acceleration, climbing, and overall ride quality.

PCW Peak 4550 Evolution weight chart for Clincher wheels

Stiffness Unmatched: Engineering Superiority

Stiffness and weight have a complex relationship in the design of a wheelset. The PEAK 4550 achieves an optimal balance, providing unmatched stiffness that translates to efficient power transfer and a responsive ride, without sacrificing weight.

Performance on Any Terrain: Versatility Unleashed

Whether it's climbing steep inclines, descending at high speeds, or navigating the flatlands, the PEAK 4550 is engineered to excel in any situation, making it the ultimate choice for riders seeking versatility and top performance.

Real-World Performance: Testimonials and Reviews

We haven't tested the wheels...YET! But from testing the Peak 4550, Altas and Wakes we know what you get from them. If you are looking for a wheel that climbs superb and is amazing with accelerations this is a wheel for you.


Peak 4550 Evolution wheels are for a rider that rides every sort of terrain. Straights, climbs and demands the best of them. The biggest difference we noticed is Peak 4550 were amazing on the climbs and also on straights where the speeds were higher then 40km/h. Not sure what wheels to get? If previous Peaks were amazing and impressive then the evolution is here! PCW Peak 4550 Evolution wheels are here to impress! 

PCW Peak 4550 Evolution

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