Unveiling the Pinarello Dogma X: Speed, Comfort, and Adventure

by Approved SLO on Dec 08, 2023

Unveiling the Pinarello Dogma X: Speed, Comfort, and Adventure
When it comes to pushing the boundaries of road cycling, Pinarello never ceases to amaze. Introducing the Pinarello Dogma X, a revolutionary bike that takes comfort, speed, and adventure to new heights. In this comprehensive review, we'll explore how this exceptional bike has captivated riders worldwide and why it's making waves in Slovenia, Northern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the USA.

Pinarello Dogma X road bike next to concrete wall
Specifiactions of Pinarello Dogma X:

  • Frame: T11001K Torayca®
  • Fork: Onda F
  • Disk max.: 160mm
  • Max Tire width: 35 mm
  • Weight: 865g, size 530, without paint


Presented bike Specifications:

  • Bike: Pinarello Dogma X size 53
  • Groupset: Campagnolo Super Record Wireless
    Crankset: 172,5/48-32
    Sprocket: 10-29
  • Wheels: Princeton CarbonWorks GRIT 4540
  • Tires: Continetnal 5000s 700x32
  • Handlebar: Talon Aero Light 100/44
  • Saddle: Berk Composites Lupina Short 150mm Carbon finish

    pinarello Dogma X road bike on the street

DOGMA X Frame:

To achieve a lighter frame, Pinarello continues its collaboration with Toray Industries. The Dogma X frame incorporates T1100 1K carbon fibers with a special layer on the rear triangle to absorb vibrations.The carbon road bike, Dogma X, is crafted using Nanoalloy technology, commonly employed in the production of high-speed racing cars and cutting-edge, technologically advanced aircraft.

The primary and most significant advantage of these new carbon fibers lies in their exceptional balance between weight and strength.To achieve equivalent structural properties of the frame, approximately 10% less material is required, further reducing the frame's weight.

T1100 1K Dream carbon fibers are enhanced with Nanoalloy technology, which has the ability to repair micro-damage within the material that may occur during prolonged and intensive use or intense localized stress.This prevents sudden fractures and extends the frame's lifespan.

pinarello Dogma X road bike rear X triangle

Rider Feedback: The X-Factor: Our test rider's experience with the Pinarello Dogma X speaks volumes. Compared to the F model, the Dogma X offers a more relaxed and comfortable ride, thanks to its exceptional vibration damping. Long rides become a breeze, and fatigue is virtually non-existent. The bike truly shines on descents, thanks in part to its wider tires and low tire pressure, which provide outstanding grip even in less-than-ideal conditions.

One remarkable aspect of this bike is its ability to combine relaxation with responsiveness. It's a fast and agile bike that handles high speeds effortlessly, making it perfect for quick accelerations and maintaining those high velocities. Plus, it's exceptionally comfortable, him a race spirit at heart would rather choose the Dogma X then Dogma F, which makes you think is this the best Pinarello bike for amateur riders?

Pinarello DogmaX toptube downtube

Also notable mention compared the Dogma F12 to F. Dogma F is lighter which makes a bit faster at accelerations and climbing otherwise it is the same. Which is a huge deal when we know that the F12 rode exceptional on downhills and transferred the power to the ground like a beast!  But to many cyclists the F12 and F are to stiff this is where the Dogma X comes in to P-L-A-Y Performance, Luxury, and Agility).

Pinarello Dogma X: The Versatile Adventurer: One standout feature of the Dogma X is its versatility. It's more than just a road bike; it's an all-terrain adventurer. Whether you're conquering rough gravel paths or navigating city streets, the Dogma X handles it all with finesse. Even in the rain, it maintains a reliable grip, offering confidence and control.

With the Dogma X, Pinarello has struck a perfect balance between fun and performance. It's a blast on descents, comfortable on rough roads, and even handles gravel paths like a champ. In essence, it's the epitome of cool.

pinarello Dogma X road bike Talon Aero Light handlebar

Dogma X vs. F5: A Performance Comparison
: For those who appreciate responsiveness, speed, and comfort, the Dogma X outshines the F5. It's more responsive, faster, and simultaneously more comfortable. If you're in the market for a bike that offers the best of both worlds, the Dogma X should be your top choice.

Pinarello Dogma X paired with Princeton CarbonWorks Grit 4540 wheels: Similar to our airBENDER bike helmet - Vision sunglasses combo this feels like a match made in heaven. Grits were made to shine on all terrain you can imagine to ride a road bike and the same goes for Dogma X which kind of make them a perfect combinations for the ultimate dream bike build! 

Geometry difference between the Dogma F and Dogma X road bikes:

The geometry of the Dogma X maintains a slightly aggressive riding position, albeit not as aggressive as the Dogma F model. 

Compared to the Dogma F bike, the Dogma X road bike features a 3.9 mm shorter top tube (Reach) and a 15.4 mm higher front end (Stack).There are a few other changes, including a larger BB Drop and a slightly longer down tube to accommodate wider tires.

Pinarello's road bike sizes are not standardized, offering a total of 11 different sizes for you to choose from.Thanks to this wide range of size options, along with 16 handlebar sizes and two seat post adjustment possibilities, you can choose from 352 combinations to help you find the perfect riding position on your new Dogma X road bike.

Pinarello Dogma X geometry sheet

Elevate Your Cycling Experience with the Dogma X
: The Pinarello Dogma X is a game-changer in the world of road cycling. Its ability to combine comfort, speed, and adventure sets it apart from the crowd. Whether you're racing downhill, tackling gravel paths, or cruising through the city, this bike offers an unbeatable experience.

If you're seeking a road bike that excels in various terrains, provides exceptional comfort on long rides, and ignites the thrill of high-speed descents, the Pinarello Dogma X deserves a spot in your collection.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of cycling innovation. Explore the Pinarello Dogma X today and take your cycling adventures to the next level. Pair the bike with Princeton CarbonWorks Grit 4540 and you have a dream bike that you will not want to change...ever!

pinarello Dogma X road bike equipped with Berk composites Lupina Short saddle

Ready to create your dream bike? Contact us today at for a custom-built masterpiece that perfectly suits your cycling needs and style. Let's turn your cycling dreams into reality!

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