What cycling gear do you need for a road bike?

by Shopify API on Feb 24, 2022

What cycling gear do you need for a road bike?

For cycling enthusiasts, cycling is more than just a form of exercise. It is an activity that allows them to appreciate the simple beauty of cycling. Despite this fact, however, cycling can become complicated by the need for cycling gear equipment maintenance tools. Bike maintenance can be easy if you know how to do it but even know what the essentials are.

Bike helmet

First, the cycling gear you need is a cycling helmet. Cycling without a helmet is not only dangerous but also illegal in most parts of the world. With bike helmets, cycling can be considered "safer" than other sports activities. Bike helmets can prevent head injuries and even save lives. Bike helmet helmets come in different sizes and with varying features
Helmet is the most important part when it comes to safety.

Cycling glasses

Cycling glasses provide additional eye protection from the wind and debris when cycling. They usually have vents to help keep your eyes cool and fog-free. You can even find cycling glasses with corrective lenses for those who need them. There are many different cycling glasses on the market with plenty of choices for you to choose from.

approved cycling helmet and glasses on a women cyclist
Match made in heaven Approved cycling helmet airBENDER coupled with Vision Approved cycling glasses

Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes are a must for any cyclist. Cycling shoes can make or break your ride; you need to make sure that they fit properly and offer the support and comfort you need. If your cycling shoes fit well “in the shop” it means that most likely they will be comfortable on your longer cycling rides as well. Cycling shoes should be comfortable, lightweight, and offer a good grip on pedals. Cycling shoes also come in different styles depending on what type of riding you do most often - road cycling, mountain biking, or commuting. There is a wide variety of brands available to suit all needs.

Cycling jersey

A cycling jersey is a necessity for any cyclist as it provides the cyclist with the necessary protection from the weather, protection from sunburns, and protection from bugs. Cycling jerseys are also important for cyclists who are racing. Cycling jerseys offer cyclists an opportunity to show their affiliation with a club or with a sponsor. Cycling jerseys come in many sizes to accommodate different types of riders with varying body heights and weights. Cycling jerseys also come in different colours so that riders can find something that matches their personality.

keep cyclists dry during strenuous activities

Cycling jerseys are made from a variety of materials that include cotton, wool, nylon, and Gore-Tex. Cycling jerseys have evolved since the first jersey was created in 1882. Cycling jerseys today have ventilation panels to provide a comfortable fit while riding a bike and also keep a cyclists dry during strenuous activities. Cycling jerseys also have pockets on the back, which is perfect for carrying a smartphone or keys. Cycling jerseys are either sleeveless or have sleeves in different length depending on what fashion trend is more popular in cycling at that specific time.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts are a must for comfortable cycling, especially if you are cycling for longer time. Bike shorts are designed so they breath really good and are light. The best cycling shorts will feel like second skin. The fabric high-end that stretches and provides excellent breathability and moisture wicking properties for all day riding comfort.asset

assos cycling shorts logo
Cycling shorts must be wrinkle free and fit like second skin.

Cycling socks

Cycling socks are an essential accessory for cyclists for a few reasons. Cycling socks are designed to provide you with the best possible comfort during your rides. Cycling socks protect your feet, promote blister prevention, and reduce the chance of injury. Cycling socks are so important to cyclists because they help prevent shin splints and blisters, which result in the skin becoming irritated and chafed - especially on long cycling sessions. Cycling socks also reduce leg pain.

Cycling socks come in numerous styles and designs

Cycling is hard enough on the legs without adding extra pressure that is caused by friction from riding shoes or clothing rubbing against your legs. Cycling sock fabric is designed to be breathable to ensure increased airflow and reduce heat build-up. Cycling socks are made of cycling sock fabric with an additional layer of padding on the footbed to provide extra cushioning for your feet. Cycling socks also feature a supportive cuff that enhances blood flow to your legs by providing compression. Cycling socks come in numerous styles and designs, so you can choose one that will suit you perfectly.

Cycling gloves

They are an essential piece of kit for any cyclist. Cycling gloves provide a level of comfort that is unmatched by any other type of glove. Cycling gloves are not only designed to protect your hands during a fall but also to keep your hands warm and in a comfortable position while you ride. Cycling gloves allow cyclists to have full control over their bikes without worrying about losing grip and hurting themselves. Cycling gloves may be the only type of glove that has such a large array of uses. Cycling gloves can also protect cyclists from getting calluses and blisters on their hands, protecting them further in the long run.

Cycling base layer

Cycling base layers essentially makeup what you wear under your clothes, and can be worn in several ways. Cycling base layers keep you dry and comfortable for the duration of your ride by wicking away sweat so you don't feel soggy or weighed down. Cycling base layers are often worn in colder weather to keep you warm. Cycling base layers also provide an extra layer of insulation, which means they can help regulate your temperature especially if you're biking in variable weather conditions. Cycling base layers are tighter-fitting than regular underwear for a streamlined look that won't bunch up or get caught on the saddle while biking.

Maintenance tools

There are many tools that you will need for maintaining your bike. With the right equipment, you can fix almost anything on your road bike that goes wrong on a ride. If you ride regularly, it is worth investing in the items below which are more expensive but will save time and headaches if you run into problems on a ride away from home.

The following are some of the tools I recommend having in your garage (or in a small bag) when you head out for a ride:

Multi-tool - A good multi-tool will have Allen keys to tighten just about any bolt on your bike, a built-in screwdriver with Torx bits, and several different-sized spanners. Make sure you get a multi-tool that is compatible with your quick-release skewers so you can easily remove and refit the wheels on your bike.

inflate your tire with just a few strokes

A small pump - Having a small hand pump in your pack will save you tons of time if you get a flat on the road. A hand pump will not take too much space, and you can inflate your tire with just a few strokes of the handle. It's worth buying a good-quality one as they often come with pressure gauges to give more accuracy when inflating your tires or dealing with any other problems you might encounter during your ride.

A bright rear light - Cycling on the road without a bright, flashing rear light is illegal in most countries, so be safe and always have one with you. If your battery dies or if you are running low on juice, go ahead and use your mobile phone as a backup. Just make sure it's fully charged before you head out.

A spare inner tube - If you get a flat, chances are the old tube would have been ruined after removing it from your tire and replacing it with a new one. It's worth keeping a spare inside the tire in your back pocket or saddle bag just in case you need to replace your tube.

Choosing the right chain lube and chain cleaner usually takes time. We found the two in Ceramicspeed UFO products with UFO drip and UFO cleaner.

approved cycling ceramicspeed ufo product maintenance kit
Best cycling maintenance kit - CeramicSpeed UFO products

Cycling computer and wheel-based power meters

In the Cycling world, there are several essentials to make sure your ride goes smoothly and your training is done the right way. Cycling computers and wheel-based power meters for example.

Cycling Computers provide lots of data and can be used in conjunction with cycling sensors such as Cycling speedometers and Cycling cadence sensors.

Cycling computers provide lots of data

Power meters measure the amount of power you can produce to help you train effectively. Cycling power meters are the most advanced trainer available.

Wheel-based power meters require that you attach sensors to your bicycle's wheels, allowing for very accurate measurements of pedaling force and its application. Cycling computers allow for training sessions to be modeled on real-life situations by giving you data such as speed, cadence, heart rate, and power.

approved cycling wahoo bike computer
Wahoo Bolt Stealth

Cycling equipment is crucial for a safe and enjoyable ride. Cycling computers, wheel-based power meters, a spare tire, a fleshlight, and many other items can make all the difference in your training regimen. Cycling gear isn't cheap but it will help you get to where you want to go faster with less effort expended by yourself or anyone else that may assist you on a long journey. If this article has piqued your interest in any of these products we've mentioned here today, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you have about our product line or offer advice on which one might best suit your needs!

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